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Sciatica Chiropractor in Culver City

Sciatica is characterized by leg pain caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back. Sciatic nerve pain varies in intensity and frequency. Pain can be minimal, moderate, severe, occasional, intermittent, constant. If you are a resident of Culver City and looking for the best Sciatica Treatment, then come with professional chiropractor De. Mina Iskender. He evaluates, diagnoses and cares for the nervous system and musculoskeletal disorders. His Sciatica treatment allows you to move freely without any pain by restoring your body’s movement. Sciatica treatment brings your spine into proper alignment and helps to restore muscle strength and get you back to normal state.

So, get effective Sciatica treatment from Dr. Mina Iskander Chiropractor and move freely without any pain.

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