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Headache Chiropractor in Culver City


Chiropractic is a form of healthcare that focuses mainly on the spine to cure various ailments.  Chiropractic relies on the body’s natural healing process to provide relief from many body ailments such as neurological conditions, blood pressure, headaches, back pain, neck pain and asthma. Chiropractic treatment does not use drugs or any form of surgery. It involves stretching and moving the spine to provide relief from various issues. Chiropractors also provide migraine headache treatments by working on the spinal column. Chiropractic treatments have proven to be effective in the reduction of migraine headaches.

A chiropractor will take into account the symptoms, frequency of your migraine headaches, your lifestyle and the drugs you take and suggest a treatment accordingly. Although you take medications for your headache, it can only give a temporary relief. But a chiropractor, by making changes to your spinal column, can help prevent migraines from occurring. There are a lot of factors that could trigger a migraine attack. Your chiropractor offering migraine headache treatments will find out the cause and work with you to design a treatment schedule that could be very effective in preventing and alleviating your painful headaches.

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